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is the husband of Christina and father to seven wonderful children. He is the Senior Apostle of The Beyond Center Church located in Joliet, IL. Jamarr has been involved in ministry for over 20 years. His ability to serve the vision of others is what has helped him see the hand of God move in his life and his ministry. He loves prayer and understands that it is the lifeline of every believer of Jesus Christ. It is through prayer that we can cause Heaven to invade the Earth. Jamarr thrives to see the Kingdom of God advanced through Kingdom works and Kingdom principles. He believes the children of God are unstoppable when they walk in their God-given purpose. His apostle/pastor is Apostle Melvin Thompson III of All Nations Apostolic Network.

Jamarr is the founder/CEO of G.E.A.R Up Network, which is a collaborative of churches, ministries, and ministry gifts. He loves to teach, train, and equip and offers. mentorship to those who are looking to grow what God has placed on the inside of them. Jamarr teaches and believes that proper application of the Word of God will impact lives. The Bible lets us know that God’s Word cannot return void and that it will accomplish what it was sent out to do. He believes that the maturing of the saints is only going to happen by the collaboration of the 5 gifts of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher mentioned in Ephesians 4:11. He currently holds three degrees: BS in Sociology; MDiv; and MBA w/Organizational Leadership focus. Jamarr is known as someone who has wisdom beyond his years. As a forward thinking pioneer, he isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty to get things up and running. He has tons of leadership experience in and utilizes this experience when helping others. Jamarr has worked with non-profit companies, for-profit companies, and governmental agencies. He currently serves as CFO for a university and board member for an accreditation agency.

Jamarr truly holds to the saying, “When you stop LEARNING, you stop LEADING!”

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